Kgethang Nna (Children's Story)

Kgethang Nna (Children's Story)

Kgethang Nna (Children's Story)

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Author: M.N. Mahlanya

ISBN: 9780636112261

Subject: Literature

Grade: Not applicable

Language: Sepedi


This enthralling allegory illustrates the value of co-operation, democracy and good leadership. The main characters are different parts of the body, with the brain being the president. He decides to enlist the help of other parts of the body, and conflict follows, as instead of doing their own work, the various parts are fighting for the better job. As they enjoy this entertaining and educational tale, readers will also be learning about the functioning of the body and the importance of healthy living. It also contains individual and group activities that can be used for assessment.

Relevant, contemporary and interesting theme, which learners will be able to link with elections.

Prof. J. Mojalefa, judge of the MML Literature Awards.

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